Change management tools
At advocus we assume that every client is different and we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.  Our involvement will be tailored to your situation.  However we do have a number of change management tools that we use depending upon your circumstance. We actively encourage clients to learn how to use these tools during the course of any project or assignment......and to actively use them as part of their day-to-day activities 
Visioning Workshop We believe that successful change comes from the key players ‘buying in’ to the change vision.  This workshop is all about that – taking the sponsor’s vision, shaping it and sharing it, so that it becomes the team’s vision.

Planning Workshop This takes a Visioning Workshop to the next level – taking the team’s vision and then establishing all of the activities required to realise it.  The activities are then linked, sequenced, owners agreed and time estimated with the whole team present – resulting in very powerful peer motivation.

Objectives Grid Defining change objectives is critical to success.  This tool allows the team to surface what they want to achieve, preserve, eliminate and avoid during the change initiative.
Change Type Grid Are you ‘painting by numbers’ or ‘walking in fog’?  This tool positions every member of the team in terms of experience of the required change.  It highlights the external help you may require.

Silent Brainstorming
You must get ‘buy in’, but how do you get it?  Mostly by ‘active listening’ to the team members ideas.  Silent brainstorming is a great method for this.
Interdependency ‘Clockface’ Establishing interdependencies between all the activities in a change programme is crucial.  If it's not done then quality will suffer, time will drift, costs will escalate and conflict will result.  Using the ‘clockface’ is a fast, efficient and effective means of the team creating interdependencies.

Explicit Ownership How often does a change stumble due to lack of ownership of activities?  Often is the answer!  We facilitate explicit ownership during all of our workshops and other interventions.  We are very consistent in this respect!

Proactive Change Governance This relates to the 'Do, Review' part of our Vision, Plan, Do, Review principle.  These governance methods ensure that ‘that which is planned gets done’.